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H.G. Lewis Remakes

We all know about the remake of Two Thousand Maniacs and you've probably already heard about the plans to remake The Wizard Of Gore, but I've been hearing word of yet another remake of a classic H.G. Lewis film on the chopping board - anyone know which one this could be? Strange how they seem to be staying clear of Blood Feast - but damn glad they are!! H.G. Lewis happens to be my favorite horror director, so this is particularly cringe-worthy for me. Luckily on the more positive side, I've also heard about H.G. Lewis working on a new ORIGINAL film! Very good news indeed!!

In other news on the more positive side - has everyone heard about Diary Of The Dead - the new INDEPENDENT Romero zombie film? This is very exciting news for me as I think a lot of people felt that the big budget style of Land Of The Dead really spoiled the atmosphere of the film and limited the potential. Let's hope this is the beginning of the masters reclaiming the screens!

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